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Beautiful Landscaping Helps Sell Your Home

There are numerous strategies when it comes to selling your home. Desiree Gaunt of Studio D Interior Designs stages the interior of homes with beautiful and sophisticated furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories that complement each other. Let Desiree represent its interior in its best light.

When selling your home, you also want the property around to look nice. That’s where good landscaping comes in. If you’re not sure how to start, here are some basics to serve as your guide:

  1. Unity: Repetition is used to unify your design by repeating similar elements, such as plants and décor. Consistency helps by fitting different elements of a landscape together to create a common unit or theme.

  2. Balance: There are two types of balance in design: symmetrical and asymmetrical. In symmetrical balance, two sides of the landscape are identical while in asymmetrical balance, the landscape composition is balanced using different elements and objects which have almost similar imaginary weight.

  3. Contrast and Harmony: Contrast helps highlight certain elements in your design, while harmony helps elements in a landscape composition look unified. Contrasting elements draw the viewer’s attention when they’re placed next to each other.

  4. Color: Color gives your landscape design the dimension of real life. Consider the look you want: warm colors (such as reds and oranges) or cool colors (such as blues and greens) to create impact and perspective.

  5. Lines: As the most important element in landscape design, lines are used almost everywhere including creating beds, entryways, walkways, texture and perspective. Lines are also used to give an illusion of depth and distance.

Desiree offers a broad range of styles and specialties that always make her projects stand out. Let her explain how she can help improve the interior presentation of your home. Call Desiree at 703-380-1902. Or, email her at She looks forward to hearing from you!



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