Mr Brian Z.


Relationship: Client

Location: Putney, London

Project Date: September 2000

Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999

We commissioned Desiree Gaunt to do the interior design of our house and garden in London and we are more than happy to act as a reference for her.

Her ability to appreciate color, scale and dimension in a practical way is superb. All of us believe we can decorate but few of us can combine the artistic with the practicality of scale, put it on plan in a coherent logical way and then actually get the gloves off and physically carry it through. Desiree can do this and do it in a professional, uncluttered manner. She does not confine herself solely to the script but is able to think laterally and is clearly able to see the wood for the trees.

Her ability is not solely confined to interiors as she is just as comfortable with the exterior as well. As one would expect she has an eye for detail and together with a multitude of ideas can combine the initial site inspection, planning and execution stages in an extremely competent and efficient manner. Technically, on site, during construction stage she is fully able to manage and do the job.

Design is subjective and there is no accounting for taste, therefore it is obviously critical to know your client and manage your client in a tactful, persuasive manner in order to achieve maximum results. I found her ability to grasp this fundamental aspect and execute it with style and aplomb.

As a true reference I would say that if after any design, decorating and fitting is done to one’s abode, however humble that may be, and one is still talking to your contractor at the end, then the job was done professionally, to satisfaction and is testimonial in itself.