There Are Many Advantages to Staging Your Home

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Blog by Studio D Interiors

So many strategies about selling your home are about presentation – how potential buyers perceive it. Sure, you as the seller can clean up and arrange the interior of your home as best you see fit, but the “guests” you’re expecting aren’t coming over for a cocktail party; they’re coming over to decide if they want to buy your house. 

But ask yourself if your rooms could look even better with help from a stager. If your answer is yes, then let Desiree Gaunt of Studio D Interior Designs represent the interior in its best light. Beautiful furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories that complement each other can turn any room into an inviting environment. Desiree offers a broad range of styles and specialties that always make her projects stand out. 

Here are some ways Desiree can increase the likelihood of a sale.

Buyers’ agents will be on your side. Real estate agents walk through homes all day long. This is especially true for the buyer agents who might have to show dozens of homes to please their clients. Many of those homes will be poorly staged. They’ll have unattractive furniture, old wallpaper and clutter. Buyers’ agents love walking into a house that’s been staged well. You want them to rave about your house with things like, “This is so much nicer than the other homes we’ve looked at.” The agents’ excitement will rub off on the buyers. 

“Must-see” homes attract more buyers. Word gets around quickly. Buyers’ agents will tell the other agents at their firm. 

Your house rises above the competition. Sellers have a lot of competition. Would-be buyers have seen other houses before yours and they’ll see more when they leave. 

Studio D Interior Designs is in a class of its own in quality and customer satisfaction. Contact Desiree at (703) 380-1902 or so she can explain how she’ll make your home shine and stand out from the rest!