Top Five Things To Look For In An Interior Designer

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Interior designers specialize in many aspects of design. Space planning, aesthetic style, materials and finishes, color selections and much more. Clients also expect Designers to work within budget parameters and in so doing, a knowledge of achieving a certain look at a budget is key to interior design. Along with the design process comes experience in the presentation of a concept plan through the use of software applications and the practical aspects of working alongside contractors.

Having a house to love and take pride in is a goal every client has while designing a new home interior. As crucial as having a well-planned floor plan, the interior design team and process are vital. Selecting the right interior designer can be a daunting task, as this is a very competitive industry. 

If you’re looking for an Industry Professional, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in an Interior Designer. 

1. Experience
With experience comes conviction and the ability to tackle and complete a project which exceeds expectations. When choosing an interior designer to meet your requirements, experienced designers listen attentively and address your very individual design requirements by applying years of product knowledge and process know-how. Experienced interior designers have a knowledge and understanding of structural elements within the home.

2. Knowledge of processes and product 
As in any industry, the knowledge of products and processes is key to a successful project. Just having a good eye is not enough. An experienced designer has industry knowledge of which materials and products will work in your space.

3. Budget-consciousness 
A good designer will have the ability to adhere to budget parameters and forecast where necessary. No one wants to spend more than is necessary, yet everyone expects excellent value from an interior designer. Choose a designer willing to work within your budget. At Studio D Interiors, we find the right pieces to make your room work within a budget.

4. Access to top industry products 
You need a designer who has access to a range of the best products, from window coverings to flooring and furniture. Often designers have grand visions, but they are unable to execute them due to a lack of resources. Top Interior Designers have access to many of the best Trade industry partners.

5. Good references 
Last but not least, we will always recommend you to have a look at an interior designer’s references and feedback. The provision of testimonials is key to peace of mind when hiring a design professional. You could also check client testimonials on their official website or online platform.

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